Print Types


The art of letterpress printing dates back to the 15th century making it one of  the oldest printing techniques. We letterpress directly on to our high-quality cotton and organic card stocks leaving an impression with a luxuriously smooth look and feel. This technique assures vibrancy of colour using the highest quality hand mixed letterpress inks. This enhances the unique process and creates a beautiful invitation.

Foil Stamp

Foil stamping uses traditional hot foil stampers to apply foil to each card resulting in a stunning reflective metallic or matte finish.  The most popular colours are metallic gold, rose gold and silver, but there are a wide range of colours available. A personalised metallic plate is made with your design on it. This is then pressed onto the card stock of choice creating a slight deboss and a classic finish.

Digital Printing

Our professional digital printing is the simplest and quickest, done in house. Although this option is simplistic, we do offer a range of unique finishes. Digital printing is economical, ensuring that only exact amounts of invitations/stationery are printed on time in a fast and efficient method. There are no limits to colours or designs. 

Thermography Printing

Thermography is a specialized process that combines offset printing ink with a powdered resin which is baked so that the resin rises to give the ink a raised, textured effect. You could also get this style with glitter ink to make your invite more unique and is offered in a variety of colours and metallic finishes.

Flat Foil Printing

Flat foil Printing is an alternate choice to foil stamping. You can get a similar look without the cost associated with foil stamping. The most popular colours for this type of printing are gold, silver and rose gold. It has a unique speckled, vintage finish. 

Etched Printing

This unique process is used on acrylic, lucite, plexiglass and wood. Your custom design is laser etched onto your chosen medium. This style creates a sleek and modern keepsake. We offer a chic selection of mirrored and clear acrylics.