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Invitation Types

Mirror Acrylic Invitation

Mirror acrylic comes in many different colours, the most popular colours are gold, silver. Specialized machine etches your custom design onto your chosen medium. This style creates a sleek and modern keepsake. We offer a chic selection of mirrored acrylics.

Clear Acrylic Invitation

Specialized machine are used to etch or ink print your custom design onto the acrylic. This style creates a sleek and modern keepsake.

Wooden Invitation

Wooden invitations come in many different colours and looks. They can be etched or foil pressed on depending on the type medium.

Laser Cut Invitation

Specialized laser machine cuts intricate designs out of paper using a burnish method. A stunning, detailed cutout of your design can then be used as a jacket to told your invitation. It comes in petal fold and gate fold styles and many different designs and colors. It can be more customized by adding a seal, brooch, band and etc. You may also add back pocket to it to hold other accessories.

Single Layer Invitation

It all starts here,  a simple style which is offered in many different prints and designs.  It can be digitally printed, letterpress, foil stamped, embossed, or thermography. This is a great invitation option for wedding showers, baby shower, birthdays, or any religious event. If you want to make it more special you may add a gate fold, petal fold, pocket fold, second layer or laser cut jacket to it.

Multi Layer Invitation

You can make a single layer card even more special by adding glitter paper and other layers. To make it more custom you may add a crystals, ribbon or a brooch.

Pocket Fold Invitation

Pocket Folds offer a single interior panel for an invitation or announcement and a pocket to organize inserts, this product is ideal for communiqués with additional components such as response sets, accommodations or reception cards, maps, or even photos. Available in many different colors and sizes— they can be used vertically or horizontally.

Portable Pocket Invitation

Portable Pockets have a chevron-shaped pocket that acts as a sleeve, protecting your invitation or announcement while creating an out-of-envelope experience with a peek-a-boo reveal. Offering a beautiful way to add emphasis to a simple layered card, this product can accommodate a few additional components such as response sets, reception cards or maps. They can be used vertically or horizontally, regardless of their orientations.

Gate Fold Invitation

Gate Card scored stocks have flaps that wrap around a single interior design panel with a slight overlap for an invitation or announcement. Maintain an organized look by using a band wrap to hold additional inserts within. You can customize it by adding a back pocket, seal, brooch and etc. This type comes in flat or laser cut paper, many different colors and sizes — they can be used vertically or horizontally.

Petal Fold Invitation

Petal fold scored stocks turn simple layered cards into flowering communiqués just by the design of how it opens. This product is ideal for any occasion with minimal information and maximum impact. Maintain an organized look by using a band wrap to hold additional inserts within. You can customize it by added a seal, brooch crystal and etc. Available in flat or laser cut styles, many different colors and sizes.

Pocket Card Invitation

Pocket Cards enclosures offer versatility and impact in a smaller footprint. Paired with a simple response set, an invitation or announcement can be inserted into the pocket. If the event requires additional inserts, consider mounting the invitation or announcement on the reverse side and tiering the multiple inserts in the pocket. Available in many different sizes and colors.

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